Smart Aqua Light - LED - Sealed PAR 56 Bulbs

Now you can change the white bulb in your pool light with our new Smart LED Colour changing Bulbs. Two models available: one program LED bulb and 16 programs LED bulb.


  • Long Life - 100.000 hours lifetime.

  • 12 Volts Low voltage - For added safety

  • 15 to 60 Watts energy - save energy

  • International Standard - PAR56

Smart Filter - ecological unit

The beauty of your pool area can easily be spoilt by the constant build up of dirt, leaves and other materials. To overcome this problem, Smart Pools has developed filtration systems capable of drastically improving the condition and clarity of your pool water with less maintenance.


From the comfort of your home, touch a button on the sleek, compact control panel to activate your pre-programmed spa, waterfalls, cleaner, chlorine generators, and more. Thanks to the technologically advanced products, it has never been easier to own and enjoy a beautiful pool and spa combination!

Our company is exclusively dedicated to provide swimming pool builders and owners with the latest technology in pool equipment. No matter the pool shape or the pool details we find the best solution for an automatic pool maintenance looking at the same time to respect the natural enviroment providing echologic and energy saver equipment.

Perfection is in the details. Building the perfect pool for you and your family means going the extra mile to find those special characteristics and unique products. We have assembled a selection of amenities and options that we believe take our pools to a new level. We've carefully selected and developed products of the highest quality standards.

You want to spend your time enjoying your pool. The PCC2000 in-floor cleaning and circulation system was developed to help you do just that. This revolutionary technology is like no other in-floor system on the market today. The PCC2000 nozzles are guaranteed for life.

Backyards neednít be just black or white anymore. The new Smart Aqua Light will color your night in a Rainbow of colors. Engineered from the latest in digital technology, the light emitting diodes (LEDís) give an array of colors that can be specifically selected, slowly
transitioned or viewed in a strobe-like Rainbow Flash. LED bulbs last up to 10 times longer than regular bulbs, use only 60 watts of energy, and have no moving parts to break down.

Smart Skimmer

The Smartskimmer is one of the most powerfull skimmer in the world. This top-of-the-line skimmer features:

  • Child resistant lock down system.

  • Larger capacity basket.

  • Good for leafy areas.

  • Reduces frequency of cleaning.

  • Less water flow restriction.

  • Additional suction ports (50mm - 4 outlets total) gives provision for extra equipment.

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