Smart Filters

Smart Water Filtration

Self-Efficient pool also means an Automatic and Perfect Water Filtration.

Water filtration is one of the most important water treatment processes and it is based on retaining the small dirt particles from the water. Smaller the particle retained by the filter, better the water quality. A classic Sand Filter does not retain the Sunscreen lotion meanwhile a Smart Filter does.

 The dirt retained by the Filter, slowly fill up the filter and require a maintenance work which means to remove the dirt and let the filter prepared to continue his work. In order to require less maintenance a Filter has to have enough capacity to load big amounts of dirt. A small filter set it up to work with a big amount of water will require to be cleaned very often compared with Big Capacity filter for same amount of water. A Smart Filtration it is made to work for half year or even one entire year without any maintenance.

Our Smart Filtration System, is composed by Pre-Filters and Large Capacity Filters, which require a very low frequency maintenance work. The pools equipped with Smart Filtration System require a "Once a Year Maintenance" and save big amounts of water (up to 95% in water savings) and important Electric Savings.

Water quality is much better then classical Sand Filters, retaining particles 3 times smaller than a regular Filtration System.

The Smart Filter is part of the Smart Filtration System, an ecological filtration system which gives important savings in water, chemical products and energy, having a surprising high filtration quality (is filtering particles up to 10 microns). The maintenance is minimal ( the cleaning of the filter is once a year or once every two three years), especially if the entire Smart Filtration System is installed.

The installation is very simple by not having the multi-port typical sand filter valve (simply gluing two rigid PVC pipes). Due to the quality of the filtrating water and the savings, this filter is very popular in new installation as well as in replacing sand and diatomeeas filters in existing installations.

Due to the high filtrating capacity, the filtration speed, added to the resistance up to 3,5 bar pressure and a minimal maintenance, this filter is installed in private and public pools and moreover in Hydrotherapy Centers where the high quality of water, the filterning reliability and operating autonomy is mandatory.

The Smart Filter is considered an Ecological Filter due to the following reasons:

  1. Important savings of water compared with the regular filters (sand filters) more than 95%.
  2. Important savings of electricity, because of the non-usage of the filter pump for cleaning.
  3. Important saving in the usage of chemical products (more than 50%).
  4. Important savings of NaCl (common salt) in the pools that have the Water treatment based on Salt Electrolysis.
  5. There is no pollution in the pools that have the Water Treatment System based on Salt Electrolysis since the salty water is not sent to the general drain.

Smart Filters:

  • Filtration SUrface: 37 m2 (120 time more than a regular 600mm sand filter)
  • Quality of filtration: 10 to 30 microns (retainn particles 3 times smallers then a sand filter)
  • Working Pressure: up to 3,5 bars
  • Maintenance: minimal
  • Important savings of water
  • Important savings of energy
  • Easy to install
  • Reduced size (120 cm high and 50 cm diameter)

Due to the filtrating surface which is 120 times more than a regular sand filter (600mm), the Smart Filter can operate a year without maintenance in the medium size swimming pools (8,00 m x 4,00 m). This is reducing considerably the water bill, where the regular sand filter is using an average of 750l every month, 9000 liters per year.

The filtrated water quality is superior of sand filters since it retains smaller particles that the regular filters let pass (for example the sunscreen lotion) and it eliminates completely the usage of chemical additives (such as flocculant agents), reducing the costs of maintaining the pool and contributing to maintaining the water in optimal conditions in an ecological way.

The working pressure is higher than the working pressure of the regular filters which work normally up to 2 bars, allowing the installation of more powerful pumps and eliminating the installation of auxiliary pumps, reducing the installation costs as well as the cost of electricity. Not needing a selector valve (multi port) which is very common at the sand filters, the filter is not retaining or loosing the load. The installation is very simple, just gluing 2 pipes of 63mm or 75mm.

The Smart Filtration System is advisable to be installed in those installation which have an In-floor Cleaning System, because of the In-floor Cleaning System increased autonomy, the high quality of water and moreover the minimal maintenance required and the reduced operating costs.

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