Smart Water Treatment

Chemical Water Treatment is the next step after Water Filtration.  Once the dirt particles are removed from water by the Smart Filtration System, the water has to have ideal chemical properties in order to be clear, sparkling and healthy to can be enjoyed. An extreme Acid or Alkaline water is a risk for Swimming Pool Users as well the lack of Disinfectants in water which can stimulate the grow of algae and dangerous bacteria and virus for humans. The water chemistry has to be monitored all the time in order to be sure the water is healthy and the use of the pool is safe. Ignoring the water chemistry means health problems for pool users.

Our Smart Water Treatment is fully automatic. Hidrozone - is a device who control the water pH all the time while in use and the Disinfectants concentration in water. When Hidrozone detects the need of Disinfectants, start producing Oxidizers (as Peroxides, Oxygen and Ozone) to maintain the water safe. When detects the water pH out of neutral range, Hidrozone starts to equilibrate the pH and keep it into the Neutral Range.

Hidrozone device is fully automatic and only needs once a year an easy check of all sensors to assure the information that the device receive is accurate.

hidrozone schema

The Hidrozone system is a water treatment system which does not need the addition of any chemical disinfectants such as chlorine or bromine in any form (liquid, tablets or granules).

It is a fully automated system that keeps the pool water in optimal condition at all times.

It consists of a hydrolysis device that produces continuously the disinfectant agents (O2, H2O2, OH) directly from the water conductivity (1000 uS) and an ozone generator that produces continuously up to 1g/m3/h Ozone (O3) from the air.

The hydrolysis device comes equipped with a flow sensor, a pH probe, a Redox probe, a pH controller and dispenser; optionally are available a temperature sensor and a conductivity sensor.

The ozone generator produces ozone from the air and injects it into the pool water. The ozone is a powerful oxidant that eliminates bacteria and viruses; it also eliminates odors and flavors that water may have. The ozone is transformed into oxygen.

The Hidrozone system does not use any additional chemicals and does not leave any chemical residues in the pool water.

The maintenance of the device is minimal since the device is fully automated.

The installation and setup of the equipment is simple and easily accomplished in any installation. The modular form of the device sustains the possibility to adapt it to any environment.


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